Vvvv without CX 9?


I have to build an E-Learning lesson for university of applied science. I am thinking about doing it about vvvv. The lesson would last about 30-45 min. So I wanted to build in some practice tasks for the participants.

But I am completely new to vvvv, so I will need some help.

First of all there are technical barriers. The E-Learning lesson takes place in a computer center. There is no DirectX 9 installed on these systems and I don’t have admin permissions on the systems.

Is there any way, to get vvvv running on those systems?

I will check if there is an other version of DX running. And maybe I can get the admin to install DX, But I don’t think so, at the moment.

I have to choose the topic of the E-Learning lesson until monday. So it would be nice of you, if we could solve this important problem until monday. So if it won’t work anyway I have to choose another topic.

Thank you very much.

i believe it is still possible to run vvvv on these systems, only without any dx9-rendering capabilites. you could still use the gdi-renderer, and the ioboxes are also of great help in visualizing data. i guess it depends on the complexity of your lesson.

When I download/install vvvv on a new box, it won’t even start without DX installed on it.

What I would sugest is use an older version, the last one before the DX9 thingie was implemented. (but I have no idea what version it was, or how to check it)

or ask the admin if he could install it for you.
for what i know also you first run of vvvv has to be with admin rights.

former betas also started without DX.
later on running vvvv required DX to be installed (even if your hardware wasn’t able to use it…)
of course without any DXrendring, but GDI was possible.

formerly i ran some versions ( beta1 - beta5 i think ) successful on a pentium 133Mhz with Windows 98 with some noname 8MB GraphicsAdapter.

A pc like this is still fast enough to control something via DMX or for e.g. logging data from a Multimeter. there are some more purposes for a possible use of vvvv than only DXrendering.
i remember that i once asked them to remove that DX9 restriction.

From West: “When I download/install vvvv on a new box, it won’t even start without DX installed on it.”

That is correct. I was not able to start the latest version of vvvv without DX, too. In the afternoon, I’m at the computer center. I’ll download some older versions or betas and give it a try.

From kalle:“for what i know also you first run of vvvv has to be with admin rights.”

Is there anyone who can confirm this? I didn’t found something in the mannual, refering to this. Maybe I have to use try / error.

Thanks all very much, so far.


I just want to give a feedback. I looked up that on the used systems is DX 9.? running. It was an older version than the needed one. But I got vvvv running with the older version 9.10.

I just wanted to post this, to help others with the same problem. I don’t need this anymore, because I making a video-lesson instead of a remote lesson. So I can use the latest version without any constraints.