VVVV vs OpenFrameWorks for Kinect-Installation as a Standalone

Hi there,

I’m planing an interactive installation using the Kinect. Its going to be a standalone installation, hopefully with low maintenance for a museum.

My question is now where are the advantages using VVVV or maybe Openframeworks / Cinder?
What would be the points to consider using one or the other?

I know theses are basic questions, but mostly i could only find the advantages of one single tool - not in comparision.

I’m quite an advanced user of Processing but unhappy with the performance and have no dread to learn something new (already did some tests in V4 and touchdesigner).

in excitement to your replies,

In general, vvvv is quicker to develop in, ofx/cinder will probably give better performance.

Thank you for your answer.

I like the idea of fast results in VVVV - but we’re here only mac. And besides the plattform - i’m worried that I might loose the oversight with a more complex project.

With oF it would be mostly the cradle with learning a new programming language - I know how long it took me with processing. But guess as i’ve learned one before, it should go faster this time.

But maybe there are some more things to help me with my decision :)

Anyone else with their ideas?

this thread might be a valuable resource for you: https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/9703

I doubt performance can be a reason to prefer other platform than VVVV, especially in cases of single installation. The development time spent with optimizing would cost much more than slightly better hardware.

oF and Cinder are free even for commercial projects, again, this is advantage only if you are really solid with C++ and you code really fast and/or you want to use the app in high number of instances. Or the app is so easy, that you can code it in less than 500EUR of you time.

oF is multiplatform, with some projects you might (need to) pick some small factor platform like Raspberry Pi, where Windows and VVVV will not run. Also, some clients like museum tend to avoid PC/Win as they fear it might be less reliable in a long term.

Single interactive installation with Kinect is most likely a job for VVVV.