Vvvv + vlc plugin

Hi, I’d like to use vlc in vvvv for streaming a video from an ip camera;
I’ve follow this:vlc-plugin-(beta)-a-new-audiovideo-player-to-texture-plugin but I have no idea how to plug other patches for see the video in rederer (ex9).
I think that vlc plugin it’s ok, because if I put a video; Duration, Frame and frame count start to work, but if connected to a renderer I see nothing…

I solved the problem with vlc plugin and now it works…but now, how can I do to have a video streaming from my ip camera?

not clear to me what you’re asking. often a little example patch helps quite alot.

you’re right it’s not clear, I’m sorry, however I solved the problem about vlc plugin,
now it works… but I still don’t know how to reproduce a video streaming from my ip camera to vvvv by the vlc plugin


can you reproduce you ip stream with VLC, just with the VLC player first, if yes then get the parameter from the stream and post it here.

It’s working perfectly for my Axis ip cam with this:
I’ve tried vlc without success, so I use VideoIn and this directshow driver.


yes I can reproduce it, what do you mean with parameter?
planar 4:20:0 YUV full scale


thank you I’ve try but it works only if I use vvvv alpha release 64 bit


now it works also with the beta release (32bit)



When you have the stream active on VLC do a ctrl+I and see how the parameter is configured for the stream, then use it in VLC plugin


Hi, I can’t get anything out of Filestream (Ex.9Txture VLC)- The parameters you talk about: isn’t enough using this?
| dshow-config

This some windows with params to be set, and I see that for resolution, for example, it works as expected (with VLC plugin in beta28.1, until vvvv crashes). Also setting them manually gives me no texture anyway (in beta29).
https://discourse.vvvv.org/ I posted some details (Sorry guys, I’ve made a bad search and seen this thread too late). Would you please be so kind to have a look?

Thank you,


broken link

/forum/filestream-(ex9.texture-vlc)- -webcam-freezing-crashing-vvvv

Thank you

EDIT: bump…

Sorry to claim your attention on this.

vvvversion: beta29
SO: XP32bit

  • I do not get any webcam stream out of VLC filestream node, either using helppatch or my own stuff.


loading legacy VLC plugin into patch lets me sometimes get the stream.

Is anyone experiencing the same?
Has anyone met this issue and found a way to fix it?

** More.

*** When using this arg

| dshow-config

*** I get two times the windows to configure device (video settings and audio settings, then again video settings and audio settings), which is probably neither annoying nor an issue, but you know…

*** sooner or later vvvv will crash (which is an annoying issue)

*If I use VLC software I get the stream with no problem (and only one time configuration prompting).



I managed my issue, installing a previous version of VLC, 1.1.9. This has been necessary either in XP 32bit and 7 64bit, since with 2.0.5 won’t show any stream (in vvvv, cos VLC stream was working like a charm). Didn’t tried later versions (as 2.0.0, eg, if ever exists). I’ve got really too much of this.