VVVV, VL and precise MIDI

VVVV is has a lot of potential when it comes to procedural midi sequencing, but as everything in VVVV is synced to framerate, the lack of precision when generating timed events is a major limitation.

The effects of this can be reduced by increasing the framerate and separating midi sequencing into it’s own instance, but it isn’t really an ideal solution.

Since VL is capable of executing independently of VVVV’s framerate locked mainloop, are there any plans to write some VL MIDI I/O nodes for applications where precise timing is important? It’d be amazing to do Max/MSP style midi stuff and be able to rely on solid timing.

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you can check out the midi nodes in the VAudio pack. the midi links there are actual event links, not values that flow in the mainloop. so the execution of the node functionality is on event and not in the mainloop.

it might miss some nodes you would need. but give me a shout on whats missing, they are easy to implement.

on the other hand, VL is the much better choice in the long run because patches that execute on midi events is not a problem. this can be done using observables, like the TypeWriter node.

adding a raw midi in/out nodes should be easy… i’ll add it to the library wishlist.


Another option would be to use a diffrent thread to receive MIDI with /Allowmultiple to be more accurate

@tonfilm midi timecode would be cool to have

Yeah I look forward to delving properly into VVVV.Audio at some point. Checking through the girlpower folder (on b35.2), I’m getting a crash when I open the “MidiClockOut” patch, as you can see here:

As for nodes, the ideal scenario for what I’m doing would be to have time based nodes (LFO, Delay & animation nodes like LinearFilter, Damper, Oscillator, etc.) that can sync to an audio clock rather than the mainloop & can operate independently of framerate. Ultimately I’d love to be able to patch and process midi I/O completely independently of framerate. I’m not sure which specific nodes are missing re: achieving something like this with VVVV.Audio, but VL and VVVV.Audio are both excellent steps towards increasing VVVV’s usability for non-video applications and it’s great to see progress in these areas.

@manuel, /allowmultiple on a separate instance is my current solution. A little finicky but pretty usable for what I’m doing. Definitely looking forward to playing with midi in VL though.

i think this is a 32-bit plugin… so you need 32 bit vvvv to load it.

now also check this post out. the new vl nodes handle midi events as they occur:

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