VVVV/VL and HoloLens?


I just got access to an old HoloLens, is it possible to do sth with my favorite program vvvv/vl?
i couldnt find any nodes or contributions for the hololens, so i guess the answer is nobody did anything yet.
anyone has unshared experience with hololens and vvvv? or did i miss sth in the forum or contributions?

would be a shame if i have to go to unreal or unity for this…

thank you,

It is uwp. So out of the question until vl is true .net core and can be exported cross platform

unless there is some kind of holo lens app that streams data back and forth…

thank you for the answers :)

there is an app for the holelens:

this should work with a “desktop app” aka vvvv, but i dont know how to connect it to vvvv
there is a video with a walkthrough for unity

but i guess this doesnt help

is this mentioned NuGet-package you need to connect to the hololens sth which would easily work with vl? sry for this dumb questions, but i dont know what a nuget-package is …
but you selling vl as a tool which lets you easily integrate stuff(again sry, its not stuff its libraries or packages or so i guess) which probably mean even i could integrate things into vvvv without writing plugins…

i know i should have used vl more or read some documentations before asking these questions but i didnt. so pls excuse and if you think i will not understand your answers pls point me to some tuts for including “stuff” into vl.
thank you.


I tried before but without any luck.

I would advise to work directly in Unity (I can give you some links about Hololens in Unity if you need).
The Holographic Remoting using VVVV/VL or anything else is not a good idea (Holographic Remoting just a debugging tool, you won’t have a fluid experience with that… Maybe they improved that with Hololens2?).

In the future, I’d like to use Unity for all the asset management and all the Hololens stuff, and the scripting part in VVVV Gamma, using the .DLL exporter as mentionned by @joreg in the Hololens thread…

Good luck!

okay, sad face emoji

but thank you ludnny, i found some links for hololens and unity by myself.

hololens support would be a killer feature for the export function.


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