VVVV User group/meeting in Berlin?

hi all,

someone told me there is a V user group here in Berlin but i can’t seem to find anything about it …

Hi Stickman,
i’m also from Berlin, you found here a UserGroup??
I’m interessted to.



I know of a processing meeting: http://www.onformative.com/processingberlin/

It seems to be quite open though and there are likely to be vvvv users involved:

“…our meeting is open for everybody who is interested in creative coding and loves to tinker with code and design. It doesn’t matter if you are using processing, openFrameworks, vvvv or any other programming language as well as it doesn’t matter if you have no experience, are an intermediate or even a professional programmer.”

These processing meetings sound interesting. Any Berlin-based VVVVriends who are attending those?
I’ll drop by at the next one (9th june) if I have the time - which I should.

(Also their meeting place seems quite close to where the devvvvs are located on the map… ¬_¬)

Hi all Berlin-based VVVVriends,

maybe we shoud meet us. I have a room/atelier.
So we have some thinks to play with.
some Cams(PS3 Eye, Kinect), some projectors, Space enough, WLan …

That sounds very very cool - date? (For me weekends, esp saturday, is usually best)

hey cool, i’m up for a meet :) … could do it at NOD423’s studio otherwise i would have proposed the c-base (c-base.org)

we can meet us in my studio, its no Problem, everybody welcome :-) especially VVVVriends. But im off until this sunday.

So I would propose next saturday (June 11th)?? in the evening??
Write here about the date.

I think we should meet us.