Vvvv under Vista is asking to install directx 9. what to do since dx10 is already ob the system?


this might be a newbie question, and yes, i know similar issues have been dicussed. unfortunately i couldn’t find the exact solution for my specific problem.

trying to install vvvv under vista. directx 10 is the current version of dx on my system. now vvvv wants me to install dx9. should i do this? i do not want to replace a higher version by an older version actually, since i run other programs, which require dx10.

in other post i read about copying the d3dx9_30.dll to the windows system32 folder. did so, resbooted the system, however, when running vvvv for the first time (as admin), i still get a red dot vor the dx and vvvv wants me to install the older version.

any chance to get this running under vista without losing my dx version 10?

any help will be highly apreciated!


Just install DX9 it won´t replace DX10.

thanks bjoern, i will give it a try and i hope it will work out fine …