Vvvv & resolume

Found this question in here but it was 5 years old an there was no real answer.

I would like to use vvvv together with resolume, and i am having a hard time figuring out how to best go about this. Is it even possible to do in a sensible way ?

What i like about resolume is the fast passed posibilityes to mix video, but at the same time i am missing the ability to do generative stuff or adding completely new possibilities.

My only reference is quartz composer which works very well with resolume, and i was tld there was a windows alternative to syphon on its way.

resolume uses opengl vvvv uses directx so despite with quartz there’s no easy and fast frame-sharing method between the two. and because of opengl, vvvv cannot grab the output window of resolume with a Screenshot (EX9.Texture) either. but here is bigfug streaming stuff http://www.bigfug.com/software/freeframe/ use the FF 1.0 sender in vvvv and use the FF 1.0 receiver with the FFGL wrapper in resolume.

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