Vvvv refuses to create/import dynamic plugin

Hello everyone.

Its very strange and this never happend to me before.

When I try to clone a template and hit the clone button, no node appears in my patch. Neither does vvvv create the according files at the given location on my harddrive.

When I try to drag and drop a *.csproj into the patch, I just get an IOBox (String) with the path written in it.

All this works as expected on another machine tough, my patch isn´t broken it seems. So I created a plugin on the other machine (on the one where it worked), saved the patch and opened it on the suspicious computer and the plugin was missing and it appeared red (of course I also copied the plugin´s files, to the proper relative location)

Anyone has an idea? User rights?
I´m working with beta29.2_x86, but it also doesn´t work with beta 28.1

thank you very much

got it.
reinstalled .net 4.0