Vvvv redistributable

is it possible to make a “redistributable” version of vvvv what only executes the patches as it was started as /shutup but doesn’t contain the c# compiler and the stuffs necessary for rendering the patches themselves. or pack it in an exe with a root patch and a vvvv containing just the necessary nodes and subpatches required by the root patch.
so sharing stuffs i made in vvvv with my friends who doesn’t want to fuss around with vvvv at all (whatever simple it is i’m talking about lazy people without any informatic interests so more than 2 steps to get something are difficult and nerd)
i could make a packer patch i’m just courius what dll’s or files i can get rid of from original vvvv (for reducing its size) if i want to make something like this.

helo micro,

we are of course aware of this missing feature and as long as it is missing we do not encourage you to this. so whatever you package, you do it at your own risk and please make sure to not exclude the file:

also make sure to understand and explain to the recepients of your package vvvvs licensing

that being said, have a nice hakc.

of course i’m aware of licensing and i don’t want to create commercial or oem products with it.