VVVV receiving bang data from Max/Msp over OSC

Hello everyone.

I’ve encountered another issue that I could really use some help with.

I’m currently running Vvvv with Max/msp for audio generation using OSC to connect the two programs.

I have a patch in Max in which uses loadbang connected to a message object with a number in it. This feeds into a float number box to set initial preferences.

I would like to send this same number over to Vvvv but I’m not seeming to have any success.

If I drag the number up or down in max, it will chance the value in Vvvv.
However if I bang a number in max it will not change in Vvvv.

Because this is setting initial parameters in both programs I’d really like to not have to have the numbers raised using a map node or something.

I will do this for now, but if anyone knows a different or more effective way of achieving this, I’d love to know.

Thank you :)

can’t you just also bang the max OSC sender after the number was set? so that it definitely sends a message on load.

if the OSC sender does not send any network message, vvvv can obviously not receive one…

so, as i said before, you have to bang the OSCsend in max, not change the numbers… but i don’t know exactly how that works in max and if the OSCsend in max has such a trigger input (usually its the first input, try to connect the loadbang there).

otherwise you have to ask that in the max forums.

Thanks for the reply. I will give that a go and see what happens. I’ll also post on the max forums too. Will feed back with my discoveries in case anyone else has similar issuse :)

I had not refreshed the page between postings so thank you for the 2nd post; I wasn’t ignoring your first post when I posted my 2nd.