VVVV Reason4

Hello guys
I´m very new with VVVV. So I don´t know about all nodes and their usage. My problem is: I connected the midi control pad with PC and VVVV. With the midi note node i recieve the note signal to manipulate some textures. Everything works, but it is not possible to use VVVV and Reason 4 at the same time to hear the sounds. In what way it is possible to send the midi note signal out of vvvv and back to reason 4? Or do I have to use a audio file stream plus audio out controlled by the midi note signal?

Maybe you can give me some hints.



If it’s on the same computer you probably need some kind of midi loopback software in order to use virtual midi port to connect one app to the other.

Sometimes ago midiyoke was pretty famous but must have some more recent alternatives.

in our tools section there are two midi loopback tools listed.

Thanks… yes, I used midi joke. Now i have 8 virtual midi ports.
Next problem is, to find the right node to get a midi output from VVVV.
I tried MidiControllerOut. It works in that way, that Reason 4 detect the signal as Midiinput. But until now i´m not able to control the drumcomputer. The question is, what pin do i have to use to send the midinote, and what pin to send the midi velocity…

I will try some combinations, but if someone has the answer, please tell me…



hi criticlown,

if you open the MidiControllerOut module (right-click it), you can see that it uses the MidiShortOut node to send midi messages. you can also use this node to send notes. have a look at the midi message table to see which messages and data you’ll want to send.

for example: the MidiControllerOut sends message 176 par default. if you type that in your trusty windows calculator (scientific mode) and switch it to binary (‘Bin’ radio button, top left), you can see that its 10110000, which is listed as ‘Control Change’ in the midi list.

Thanks for these hints! Everything works. The patch becomes very complex.

Thanks a lot.


nice to hear it works!
be sure you know about Spreads - MidiShortOut has some spreadable pins that can help to greatly reduce complexity.