VVVV/puredata and OSC UDP parsing

Hi, I’m currently trying to interface VVVV with a specific puredata patch. Unfortunately I’ve been told that due to Puredata’s string handling, the puredata patch had to diverge from the OSC specification. specifically, the type tags are embedded within the address.

Now I need to parse the UDP string by hand to get a readable/decodable message. I also have to encode into mangled OSC for the two to communicate.

The argument is encoded strangely (#0#0#0#0…etc) and RegExpr doesn’t even seem to recognize it. It will truncate the string at the first #. Is there a way around this? I don’t know enough about how VVVV handles strings and translates other data formats.

Here’s a link to the NRCI PD patch:


mmh the link doesn’t seems to work.

nrci-r05.zip (76.95 Kb)

NRCI-puredata patch

sorry, haven’t done the file upload thing here yet…

M maybe you could have a look at your OSC page i’ve uploaded today a patch showing the OSC packets structure. Basically, #O are null characters added by OSC so that each components of the OSC packets is a 4 byte multiples.

If you want to transform these values in numeric values you could use AsValue (String) . Your pd patch is pretty huge could you help point me out where’s the problem ?

Maybe be posting the vvvv patch indicating where’s the problem exactly might help.

and really nice vvvv patch
quite glad to find some ccrma ppl over there :)