Vvvv project to .exe

Hello everyone.
As the title says … I know this has been asked but still want to bring it up again.

Are there any plans on making this happen?

My question is mainly because I work with a team with mostly custom solutions for our clients and very often I need something small and embedded.
Regarding the cost effectiveness and security I`d prefer to distribute standalone executables.
As strange as it may sound I am not actually against buying vvvv licenses, problem is really about cost of Development and deployment of a project where in my math sometimes the project costs less than vvvv itself.
Yes, sadly there are countries where this is a factor …

Our main development for now is based on Unity 3D and Max/MSP, but I`d really love to move to vvvv for this.

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hei synth,

the good news: yes!
we’ve already demonstrated this: 50-the-humble-quad-bundle

the other news: if you’re following our work on VL you know that we’re at the moment focusing on its integration into vvvv. only after this is in a state where we hope it will be used by people with beta35 we’ll go on working on the standalone version which will then also be able to save a patch as executable. beta35 is currently roughly targeted around new year. only after its release we’ll be able to make meaningful estimates for our next steps. hope that helps…

Which I assume doesn’t quite answer the question.

vvvv in terms of VL will be compileable as executable.

But v4p patches and the authoring you do in this type of language will need the vvvv.exe runtime also in the future.

best bet / h4ck0rz way is when project finished copy over vvvv and delete every unnecessary files not used in the project (help patches, and not used dll libraries) to reduce file count as much as possible, 7zip it and write a little C# utility which will extract vvvv to a cache folder and run it to open the project’s patches. Unfortunately to do the filtering of required files for a patch is not an trivial problem.
My first and probably easiest bet is to write a plugin which crawl’s through a patch recursively to see which plugin assemblies are loaded and copy those into a new instance of vvvv (of course with some vvvv required files). problem is with file based node-factories (like effects) and plugins which has code executing on the start of vvvv but I guess that could be done manually or maybe with a selection box. In case of effect files and a-like you might be able to determine the creator factory and the file path from node info/reflection. You might be able to merge the resulting assemblies with a .NET merging tool like https://madebits.github.io/#r/msnet-netz-compressor.md and vvvv would read that.

sidenote: with vpm you can absolutely do the installation part with its scripting downloading and executing all vvvv dependencies (the N amount of VC redist and DX9) then registering with setup.exe.

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wasn’t around for a while … life happens.

Thank you for the input regarding my topic.
Me and my group will be waiting for news.
Hopefully i may be able to meet some of you guys at next NODE.

Best regards!