Vvvv prevents windows shutting down (still/again)


Related issue > https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/4512 but this was fixed beta21>

windows xp sp3
vvvv beta23
create renderer(ex9) node
create either HTML(server) OR TCP(server) node
save patch
close vvvv
add /shutup to args.txt
open saved patch
press the power button
vvvv prevents windows shutting down.


  • no /shutup in args = shut down ok.
  • remove renderer(ex9) = shut down ok.
  • remove either HTML(server) OR TCP(server) = shut down OK.
  • repeats on other machine with different processor/MB/memory

Phew, this has taken pretty much all day to nail this bug down. Good luck in debugging it. No windows 7 machine to test on sorry, but need it on windows XP anyway. please help. not tested on beta25.

thx for reporting this. vvvv didn’t do a clean shutdown if windows asked it to. vvvv should now respond to the windows message properly, for example if started with /shutup it will quit no matter what, if not started with /shutup it will only quit if there’re no changes made in an open patch, otherwise it will ask the user to save/cancel etc.

great thanks Elias. :)