VVVV Player?

Hello all,

I am quite new to VVVV and I have a fundamental question about using VVVV. Do VVVV has some kind of player to run the patch without installing VVVV? because VVVV installation needs .net, direct x, visual c runtime and most importantly valid graphic card. Maybe there is a possibility VVVV player runs VVVV patch with minimum requirement which may also secure source patch not being exposed.

I assume these may raise license issue and hardware requirement maybe real concern why this is not available yet but i am sure this thought came in many other VVVV pro’s mind and there must be some reason why its not implemented yet. Can anyone kindly give me an insight about where we stand? BTW I love vvvv :)

hola urban,

this question of course comes up regularly. the answer for now is: there is no such thing as a player. for running vvvv patches you always need vvvv and all that chizzle.

as for the why: vvvv is missing many obvious features, this is only one of them which compared to others didn’t have a high enough priority yet. me telling you that at some point in the future something even better than a player will be available is pure speculation and shouldn’t worry you too much at this point. so for now…please bear with us.

Hello Joreg,

Thanks for your answer so quick :)

As you said this shouldn’t bother me at the early stage of learning vvvv but it was good to know. Its a pleasure using vvvv. Shall 2012 be a great year for all vvvvers and me :)

Hum it would really nice to have this kind of false player:

A special vvvv exe loading patches but automatically hidding them (except not hidden renderer), with a gui to choose patches. Would that be an effortless solution?

I m in need of this type of solution as shows i m constructing are touring with non vvvv trained users

Hi this is something I already do, just leave a render visible with the gui and hide the rest
See here https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/8170 for example.

How amazing this forum is. Impressively active!

Sorry before I was on Android and still don t really like to type on tactile keyboards… so what you are asking here is already possible but it needs some attention to a couple of points:

  • the arguments you can launch vvvv with, and in this case it means you can launch vvvv which will launch a patch, or you can just launch the patch by itself, directly or as a shortcut

  • as stated before you can force a patch or any part of it to be visible or hidden, and you can force GUI renderers to be a fixed dimension

knowing this you can easily achieve what you are asking for although it is not a pure vvvv player solution, call it a workaround, but what the end-user will see on his part will be very similar to a stand alone application

As a side thought, since it is something that I am looking into right now, you may use a web browser as GUI, this sounds really interesting to me and I currently gatheirng more info about it.
check https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/8175


Hi simone launching vvvv from web browser would be really nicer yes.
You cant imagine what people are able to do despite locking hidding habilities of a patch …
Hope to see somthing strong coming out as my main fear is always to let a patch touring.
An abstract unbreakable unmodifiable sure structure would be really nicer

Yours ;-)

I am curiously awaiting to see compatibity with vvvv and browser, sure this one is critical and awesome at the same time.

also try commandline parameters#shutup

ok joreg, i will make a try in shutup mode and give you feedback.
really a little exe like crack.exe but being a loader (user being able too chosse wich patch to load) would be helpfull.

@karistouf : that whould be an easy josb for a very basic script, I have no experience on scripting in Windows but in Linux would be very easy…

@karistouf : bat file?
vvvv.exe /o MyPatch.v4p /shutup

Create a few in a folder and set no?

patch a patch switcher, make the selection via DropDown (String) in window mode and start with shutup argument would be a start for now

My idea was about a script that launches vvvv with an open file that will add a patch as argument. Possible?

Hi evrybody and happy things for new year. I will give a hint in vux option. Maybe i will add in whitecat a command execution on start of wcat, would be great. Woei: have you dome sample demonstrating your idea ( a bit lost ) ?

;-) cheers

hi K
like this!
but with a lot of data to display/select a rollover menu would be more appropriate!

PatchSwitcher_DropDownSelector.zip (12.4 kB)

in my early dos days i once wrote an app starter, so that i never had to touch the dos level again (in theory).

the basic idea was a batch file that endlessly repeated two tasks:

  • call a program that nicely lets you select another program
  • start a bat file that was configured by that laucher program above

pretty cool, ha?

so is that in any way related to what you want to achieve?

to try my rip off you need to put those files directly into the vvvv directory. it starts vvvv over and over. another option might be to gamble with vvvvs command line argument /allowmultiple and the ShellExecute (Windows). That way you probably wouldn’t need to start the launcher over and over again.

launch player.zip (1.2 kB)

ah yeah… only a few words, gregsn and circuitb: GREAT THANK YOU.
it answers completely my problematic ;-)