VVVV Particles Library

Cool, yea, we need this…

tried to build the package, but i get this error

Error 1 NuGet Package restore failed for project VVVV.Pack.Game.Core: Unable to find version ‘2.5.0’ of package ‘System.ComponentModel.Composition.Codeplex’… 0 0

Any clue of how to fix?

@cat, rightclick the project in your IDE and look for ‘Restore Packages’, this should download the missing dependecies.

Error 2 The command "“C:\Users\chris\Desktop\vvvv contribs\vvvv-Game-master\src.nuget\NuGet.exe” install “C:\Users\chris\Desktop\vvvv contribs\vvvv-Game-master\src\Core\packages.config” -source “” -NonInteractive -RequireConsent -solutionDir "C:\Users\chris\Desktop\vvvv contribs\vvvv-Game-master\src\ “” exited with code 1. VVVV.Pack.Game.Core

Well the error changed anyway ;)
I’m using visual studio, maybe I’ll try sharpdev, but not for a couple of days, have to say this is one of the things that has always stopped me getting very far with programming, so often you try and build something and it fails, and googling leaves you none the wiser! Dont think I’ve ever managed to get an ofx example to work, maybe its my lack of git knowledge too!

oh yes, then you only have to install the nuget package manager from:

Tried installing and it says its already installed…

no idea then, you should contact velcrome for specifics.

hey cat, once I am back from Plymouth i can provide you with a compiled version. It is not in a state where I’d want it to be a public contribution (stuff is still changing too much), but the brave ones like you should be able to have access ;)

Hi i would also enjoy to see it working in the compiled version