Vvvv output in resolume (windows7 x64)

Hi all
I am a new member and I come from Italy, I’m a student
I would like to know if it is possible to interface the output of vvvv Resolume arena.
looking in depth at the site can not understand how to do.
vvvv is a wonderful program that linked to Resolume could give excellent results.
some of you could tell me how can I do to communicate between the two programs?

vvvv render output in Resolume clip or direct show

Thanks for your patience

You could send a link to the following thread to the Resolume developers - forum-alpha/something-like-syphon-on-windows-%28currently-called-wyphon%29?full=1#comment-94485

thanks for the interest.
wyphon could be a substitute for siphon but is still developing.
I still have not figured out how can 'help me to communicate vvvv in Resolume?

you have any idea? administrators or anyone has had experience with the output vvvv Resolume clip?

1st: data communication: both program supports OSC and MIDI input/output
2nd: the nastier part: picture. now most obvious stuff i’ve tried once taking a screenshot about resolume’s output window. but it didn’t work (that image wasn’t in the window’s DC apparently). texture sharing wouldn’t be entirely flawless because VVVV shared textures are DX9 textures and resolume is opengl. there is a hacky skippy solution: Dxtory which is fraps on steroids. it allows you to create virtual webcams about directX applications. however probably there’s a huge latency for vj-ing.

FYI One of the Resolume developers already stumbled upon the Wyphon github repository, and I hope he will be joining that alpha forum thread soon.

I tested the solution dxtory.
I can record the output of vvvv but not in real time.
the important thing is not 'save the render window in vvvv, vvvv but send the output in real time or in directshow in Resolume.
course registration is more 'slow and Resolume already has a recorder inside.
I am interested in the output window in real time.
for example for mac, can siphon in realtime to transfer the output of VDMX in Resolume.
I also tried fraps but it is the same thing as dxtory, I can record the clip and then insert it into Resolume but not in real time.

look for solutions in real-time Windows users

I have seen the development of wyphon, but I can not understand how to install it in Resolume.
how to interact vvvv and Resolume through wyphon.?
some of you are able to do so?

do you think this can be useful?

I do not understand how that would work.
have any of you tried it?

here’s another question about my thread:


How about a capturing card? 1-3 frames latency… Might not be huge catastrophy

definitely not a catastrophe.
but to do it in real time you need to have two computers.
1, the output window vvvv
2 ° Resolume

the solution of which I speak I should provide access directshow vvvv in realtime in Resolume

I believe that thanks to the whole community of vvvv and to Resolume you might be able to do this

I have a lot of confidence …

you have two options before the resolume developers would adapt wyphon. shared memory (over CPU) and shared dx9ex texture (GPU, hence super fast), but i dont know whether resolume can receive them. you should ask in their forums about it.

I have no problem with powerful hardware:

my workstation is equipped with:

video: nvidia fx 4800
Processor: Two Xeon 5650 (24 cores)
RAM: 96 gb
motherboard: intel server ss5520scr

well in dxtory there is a feature which creates virtual real-time webcameras about any directx application. (http://www.arenajunkies.com/topic/219112-streaming-with-dxtory-guide/ this is for WoW (source) and x-split (destination) but the same analogy is applied to vvvv (source) and resolume (destination)) we used it over skype once. also yep bigfug FF stream is a solution too and that uses sharedmemory as far as i know but you have to deal with bigfug’s FFGL FF1.0 wrapper for resolume since Bigfug stream for FF 1.5 (FFGL which resolume has) is not compatible with the original bigfug stream for FF 1.0 (which vvvv has). but when i tried them it didn’t really worked.

I already knew that dxtory performed stream, in fact for all other programs is fine with Resolume.
dxtory but unfortunately I do not recognize the program vvvv.exe, so how do I register or send the stream to Resolume?

dxtory does not work with vvvv because it does not recognize it as a program installed on your PC.
when you start a new program.exe dxtory recognizes it automatically, but with vvvv not because it is not installed but copied to a hard disk

anyone has any solution.

ps: this is enough to solve the problem (vvvv output to Resolume)

I’m sure Dxtory can work.
the only problem to be recognized as vvvv program installed.
dxtory works fine with (processing, ae, compositing, f) does not recognize me only vvvv.

does anyone have any idea on how to install vvvv as a normal program, launching an installer?
There is an installation file for vvvv?

have you tried with vvvv in fullscreen?

Great Tonfilm.
The solution is precisely that …
I can now transfer the output of vvvv in dxtory and then in Resolume.
only works in full screen?
dxtory recognizes only if full screen?

we have reached a 90% solution.
you can 'do the same thing without having to put the render window in full screen?