I stumbled across this project whilst searching for an answer to my problem. It seems more geared towards creating visuals but I do not think my requirement is so out of scope.

I came across this link:

which states that it is now possible to use Vive Trackers without a VR headset. Great! This is what I want for my project.

In my project, I want to use other software to render my content, but this software requires tracking data sent over VRPN. Usually we use Vicon tracking cameras or similar, but using a Vive Tracker would be much faster and cheaper to set up. Would it be unreasonable to expect that, with the addition of VVVV.OpenVR, VVVV will at some point support the VRPN protocol?

I understand that VVVV will most likely want to receive VRPN data to drive its own visuals, but as this toolkit seems to want to do it all, could it one day host a VRPN server and export all kinds of data (including SteamVR tracking data) over VRPN? This would surely be very powerful and open it up to a whole host of extra 3rd party applications. Thoughts?


Yes seems possible, looks like there is a c# library for doing that:

So you can write a c# or VL node to transmit the data. Do you have a developer in your team?

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