VVVV on very basic VPS with Ubuntu Linux

Im playing today with new vps, first i have memory problems in VPS with openVps, i buy another whith XEN, whith this i can use custom swap file.

Then with winetrics to install DirectX and others VVVV run at last.

Its very limited in functionality, but not in fun.

A screenshot of VPS

–file missing–

vvvvvps.jpg (52.2 kB)

mmm i cant show image :(

VPS? openVPS?..dude? i need make run VVVV in linux but i dont understand your method!!! could exist some way to run vvvv under WINE? or could you explain in detail your method?

AAA yes
VPS its a Virtual Private Server, in other words an remote machine.

Anyway its an Ubuntu linux, runs gdi renderer but i cant make work ex9 render, i dont know its usefull to you without this?

im repeat steps in my local machine and im very surprised its easy install in vps, i think beacause its a fresh install.

Well anyway i use this, work partially…

sudo apt-get install wine cabextract

wget http://www.kegel.com/wine/winetricks

sh winetricks gecko fakeie6 directx9 vcrun2005 dotnet20 corefonts

create custom launcher (open in terminal to see errors) with command
wine /home/seyacat/vvvv/vvvv.exe