Vvvv on the cloud

Hello all

thinking vvvv for Mac users. Has anyone tried running vvvv on a cloud-based Windows system? Any recommendations? Is it comfortable to patch, or is the connection usually annoyingly slow?

Would be great to have - I’m especially thinking of workshops that I’m running, I’d gladly pay a small fee for a nice cloud access, so people can bring and work on their own Macs.


Alright, I just tried running vvvv on the webbrowser-based cloud service Frame, and so far it’s very convincing!


@dominikKoller I use to have a mac air, vmware is rock solid.
Advantages, you can make a windows partition, and you can also virtualize the same partition from osx
I did a workshop in biblao and I share a compiled vmware machine with vvvv and windows , they had to copy a few gbs, but they were able to use vvvv in a few minutes

@andresc4 that sounds great actually, thanks a lot!

Do you think that it would work to have a compiled vmware machine on an external harddrive to have a ‘plug&play’ windows machine? Basically doing the same as you said but not copying it down to the mac - that would be great, I’d buy SSD harddrives and give them to course participants to take home between lessons - that way they don’t have to use a lot of space on their macbooks.

Also, is there anything I need to take into account when making a compiled vmware machine or is it straight forward to make and run it on any mac? I don’t know how installing programs on a mac works - is it straight forward to make vmware fusion portable?

I guess this answers my question:

It says that I need to install vmware fusion on the macs, but have the windows virtual machine file on the harddrive. Is that what you also did - you installed vmware fusion on the mac’s participants and gave them copies of the virtual machine file?

Thanks so much, this really helps me a lot :)

Hey yes it will work, I did copy the files on the hard drives but if they have Mac airs most llikly they won’t have free space. If you provide them a ssd it will be awesome. I also recommend to buy usb3 hubs, most macs have 2 usb only. I bough an ankey one ( no power ) and it works super fine.
You will need to buy one license of vmware to save the machine, but your attenders can use the demo for 30 days, that’s how I did it, not sure if they change the pricing plans.

Ah, alright. Thanks for the USB Hub Tip, that will prob be important.
The 30 days trial thing is still up as far as I can tell!

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