Vvvv on Tablet PC

hi everyone,

i’m currently questioning myself, if vvvv is running well on a Samsung Serie 7 Tablet? Or is there a similar product on the market someone has experience with? Perhaps even faster or bigger ones.


i’ve not run vvvv on this tablet but I bet it will run well. I’ve run vvvv on an atom 1Ghz tablet and it was ok. all depends what you are doing. Don’t expect much out of the graphics card and you’ll be fine.

i did some tests with vvvv on the samsung slate, its surprisingly fast.

that’s good news, thanks.

what’s about the VRAM? i didn’t find specs on that - or is this some shared ram thingy?

I’ve got a an asus one: http://www.asus.de/Eee/Eee_Pad/Eee_Slate_EP121/

It’s all right- don’t expect to do crazy multipass madness, but quite usable. Also surprisingly good with 3d apps (tried c4d, zbrush)

If you go for ether of these tablets
2 things I would suggest: