Vvvv on Raspberry Pi

I would like to know if some of you have experienced to install vvvv on Raspberry Pi ? or onto similar system, broadcomputer card ?
that would be just great !!

I have not, but I think the fundamental problem here is that the Pi does not run windows, which vvvv needs for now. Maybe something like this though?

i think Win 7 will not run proper on a raspberry ( beside some hacks but that hacks might not have all libraries VVVV needs included ) but as i now Win8 will have full ARM support so that one could work.
But dont know for which ARM Processors Microsoft will compile their Windows.

Anyway VVVV on a raspberry would be great. :)

windows 8 will run on ARM devices if:

  • The device has enough performance (which the raspberry pi doesn’t)
  • The HW manufacturer pays Microsoft for a license on that hardware
  • The HW manufacturer implements Windows 8 on that hardware (you can’t just download/install it)

VVVV wont run on ARM

tamensi movetur!

yeap vvvv on Raspberry Pi could be great thing… any news? ;]

+1 for vvvv on linux (yeah i know i can dream)

the time finally comes?


Does anybody try it ?