Vvvv on M1/M2 Macs

running windows via parallels isn’t big news, it was kinda working in the past. but things changed, its usable now. stride works, the editor works…only the helpbrowser is more than sluggish (any idea why?), also on windows there is a noticable latency when you click things, that multiplies under parallels.

but all in all, parallels is working, its officially supported by microsoft now , it doesn’t drain your battery like crazy, the M1 machine stays quiet. definetely a must have for mac users who want to dive into the darkness.


@u7angel We were running Fuse on Macs during workshops starting from October last year, it worked, but FPS were not great of coarse.

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Using it during a workshop does sound okay, if it is a short one. But still I don’t think Parallels is a good option for a whole semester. For this is just costs too much - 60 €/year in the educational plan and just 14 days evaluation phase? This is ridiculous, and it also does not feel right to ask students to renew the test phase all the time so you can continue teaching vvvv to them.

I miss Bootcamp. Or vvvv running on macOS.

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yeah, i can feel your pain. consider using cables.gl for teaching. everyone has a browser and it runs on almost every system. since i switched, i get many more designer excited about creative coding.

the hardcore nerds usually have a pc anyway…or will get one.

parallels is a good option for me to casually test something in windows, i would’nt use it as my primary way of working.

btw. i’m not promoting parallels in any way, just wanted to leave a comment for the mac people…searching the forum ;)


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