Vvvv not installing on my laptop properly

I’ve installed vvvv on my Windows 11 laptop and when it starts, there is a log error Exception: “The referenced symbol source ‘VL.Stride.Engine.Nodes’ couldn’t be found.” There is no Help window and no renderer nodes. As a newbie some help would be much appreciated.


  • which version did you install exactly?
  • did you install it to the default location or somewhere else?
  • have you tried un- and re-installing?
  • have you tried the offline installer?

Please post the complete error log (make it preformated text).

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I’ve tried installing the stable v5, latest buil v5 and the offline version. All give me the same issues as above. I installed as administrator just to make sure. I’m not sure where the logs are stored.

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do you have this folder with stride packages inside?


Thanks. For an indirect help. I installed Stride and everything now works 🙂