Vvvv not detecting USB soundcard

Hi there !

I’m working since a few days with a new soundcard but vvvv can’t detect it, I can’t find it in the device list of the FFT or AudioIn node.

Soundcard is a V90-DAC from Musical Fidelity and works pretty well with every programs I’m using but vvvv, and for the moment, to work on my current project which is related to audio Analysis, I got to switch back my system on the built-in audio chipset (a crappy Realtek) which work with vvvv.

I tried the ASIO audioIn nodes that come with the Addonpack but didn’t get any result either.

Is there anything else I can try or look for to make vvvv detect my External soundcard ?

Problem Solved !

if it can help other people in the same case, I solved it using Virtual Audio Cable (not free, but I tried jack audio, free, and didn’t get any result with it), anyway VAC works fine with that.

I set my audio stream to come on the Virtual line 1 in my playback devices (in win 7 sound panel), then is listened to a virtual cable 1 in the recording devices (so vvvv can use it) and then I use an Audio Repeater (Virtual Audio cable feature) to bring the recording device input back to my USB-DAC in the playback devices panel. (with the right sample rate, 96000/24) and so now everything works fine :)

what kind of driver model does the soundcard use? ASIO or WDM? the native vvvv nodes can only detect WDM soundcards. If your card uses ASIO you have to use the Bass nodes or the AudioPack.

WDM i think, but the fact is this External Card doesn’t appear in the Recording tab of the windows sound panel, where VVVV seems to look for audio devices, that’s why i needed Virtual audio Cable (or anything like that) to put it there.