VVVV.Nodes.Table.dll MultiSelection

hi Elliot,
I like your table for managing data.
Would be possible to make context menu for multiple selection, like for two rows, or few cells?
For copy-paste purposes
cheers, dimi

Table.zip (10.8 kB)


sorry for not spotting this earlier

it may be possible.
the biggest issue right now is that copy/paste doesn’t really work at all (you can copy/paste text but not the actual cells)

after doing some research, it seems that you have to implement the copy and paste entirely yourself (even go as far to listen out for ctrl+c, and build your own context menu). this seemed a bit of a long way around so i was holding out for a better way of doing it.

i believe that when you can actually copy/paste cells, then your requirements may also be simultanaously met

i implemented copy paste a while ago. its far from finished but it works.

warning, dont use copy paste on last row

TableBuffer-string_CopyPaste.zip (41.3 kB)

there is an update to the table nodes in queue which solves this too. but i don’t really know what the actual state is atm.

check: vvvv.datatable

totally forgot about, but thanks for nice update. gonna check soon