Vvvv newbe fails to install Visual c++ runtime 2008

i´m completly new to vvvv. I have downloaded the 45beta30.2_x64 Package + the Addon. When i start the crack.exe it states that the visual c++ Runtime 2008 is missing. I downloaded it twice and tried to install it over web and manually. but still it states that the Runtime is not installed and i have no idea what to do in such a case. I hope anyone has an answer to this. Would be nice.


that is odd indeed.
can you please try with the _x86 pack and see if that works!?

I will try that, but strangely vvvv seems to work even thou the runtime isn´t statet installed. I don´t know if there might be any problems in the future without the runtime. Or maybe the crack just doesn´t show it correctly?

interesting indeed. if vvvv is running anyway it seems that only crack doesn’t reflect the installation correctly. which is odd, but hey…

same here I don’t getz the green from crack, but v4 is working fine :-)

same for me