VVVV locking up

I have a very large patch, with about 40 sub patches off of it, with loads of different facets. Sometimes the program just locks up, and normally when this happens I just end the task in the task manager. Unfortunately recently, the task just stays in the task manager for about 3 minutes, then dissapears. Until it dissapears I can start another instance. Any thoughts as to the possible cause? It seems to happen just with normal patching…

Most lockups I’ve had have been windows issues, drivers misbehaving etc, so check that out first. I’ve had lockups on my nvidia, but not on my ati, of course fresh install and try different drivers is the only way of troubleshooting that really!
Do you kill it via the Applications tab or the Processes tab in task manager? Process tends to kill things straight away, applications is more polite and waits for the app to quit.

It’s strange, I can’t actually kill it in either, but as I mentioned, it does eventually dissapear from the processes after about 3 - 4 mins. I will do a backup and try some driver maintenance, do you know what version of Nvidia drivers are the most stable for vvvv?

patch complexity is not a problem per se with vvvv. most errors of these kind have either to do with buggy graphic card drivers or video codecs.

please create a Renderer (TTY) in an empty patch before opening your patch. so you will be able to see error messages which might occur. please report your findings.

also if you can reproduce this behavior we would be happy analyzing your patch to find the remaining bugs in vvvv

That tty is coming up with a huge amount of data, looks like there’s a lot more then one problem, I’m just going through the thousand or so errors that seem to be in my patching! Quite a few persistant errors with my capture devices, (belkin usb unit) When I’ve eliminated all that I can I’ll get back to you. BTW, I up am now on the latest drivers from nvidia.

Well, still getting the lock up, I got rid of my live stream patches, and unattached filenames from the avi video streams, doesn’t seem to lock up as much. Seems to be quite random, also getting a strange occurance of an inspektor not closing on ctrl-W, it just stays there, when I close quadv I end up with a number of recursive error messages, I end up having to end the process, it does dissapear right away though.

I’m getting problems with vvvv locking up too. When I use the right mouse button and drag, if I hit the left mouse button as well, sometimes it just locks up. I’m using 33beta 11.1.

I guess an easy work around would be to not press the left mouse button at the same time. I’m out and about though with a very small mouse, which is very easy to press the buttons on.

Ah filestreams!
I’ve definatly had problems with filestream when it doesnt have a file going into it, I’ve created a 40x30 blank.avi in cinepak to give it something to do when its not playing real files.
I know its not convenient(never is really!) but a seperate partition with a clean install maybe would help with lockups, is this for an installation or more general usage? If its installation, a clean install with nothing but vvvv is the way to go, as soon as you start installing stuff you dont know what could happen!
Also check out filmerit to check all your codecs (props to u7 for finding that app) I’ve had meesy codec problems that added to lockups.
Also I had some locks and then resets last week, which were solved by upping the fan speed on my shuttle, (ugh noisy!) so maybe check you hardware’s all ok too?