Vvvv.js box mesh?

should be a quick one:

i cant find a box mesh in the vvvv.js node list.
is this on purpose? spheres and cylinder are available, thats harsh towards all the cubeheads out there.
(its also not called cube…)

can someone please tell me why its not in the list?
or if i just missed it.

thank you so much
bye from my cubicle

you may be more lucky asking vvvv.js related questions here: https://github.com/zauner/vvvv.js/issues

or call @tekcor or @sagishi for help

Glad you asked, in my repo you will find the node “primitives (geometry)”
it has a index and with that index you can switch between quad, box, sphere and in the future a lot more primitives.
and there is also the normal box node as i just realize.

they are used for example in the example “depthbuffer and ssao” here

just make sure to use my repo

and for your info: currently the best place to chat about vvvv.js is the riot chat here

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The Box (Mesh) node is only in version >=2.0 – the VVVV.js Lab still runs on 1.1, in case you are referencing to this.

thank you boys,
i will check this on Weekend, vvvv.js is still a weekend-Family Thing to me :)

next question on riot, i promise.


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