VVVV.js Alternative approach

Hi everyone,

I was curious if there is an alternative way than vvvv.js to make our Renderer(not the whole patch, not editing, just the renderer) of any patch to go online and sit in a website? Be responsive though…not just playing content.

A lot of times I’ve been asked about VVVV being able to work in IOS, Andoroid etc…So if it’s possible to get it online somehow, all the other platforms will be covered.

I know that VVVV.js is doing that and it’s great but I think it’s not at that point where it can use the whole VVVV power.(example: If we have a multitouch application to be able have it in a website) But it can go there.

Would like to hear your thoughts on that.


no real alternative, but this is the closest i can think of: https://vvvv.org/contribution/renderer-to-google-cardboard

Yes that’s probably the closest but, isn’t only a streaming solution? I mean if I get a hittest with a quad instead of a VR application will I be able to

  1. See the renderer(quad) in my device. (probably yes)

  2. interact with it (probably no) - by interaction I mean for example… to touch the quad and a 3D model pops up in the renderer…

Ive tried babylon.js for a project I am working on and it has some great features and great performance.

http://www.babylonjs.com as far as i know its opensource

There are several reasons why it would be great to be able to interact with babylonjs via VVVVjs. The core adventage of using it for me would be:

  • It has its own Babylon Scene format, it stores 3D Models, Anmimation, Materials, Light, Camera.

  • http://doc.babylonjs.com/exporters
    The exporters for this format exist for 3Dsmax ( newest version and older ), cheetah3d, Unity and Blender. -> After Export it will directly open a Temp.HTML file showing you the Result in your Browser. ( amazing )

This format would also be ( nice to have ) in VVVV since Web Applications & Apps + VVVV Visualisation happens in a lot of use cases. This would make it easy to work on the same files with a 3D modeler & Js Developer…

  • Lots of cool 3rd Party applications for editing Scenes and Materials exist


http://materialeditor.raananweber.com Material Editor


  • Its working with 2 JS physics engines

The possibility of using babylon js completly Node based would be so much fun, even if it would only work for certain global/object parameters.

I hope this is still on topic. Using something like babylon.js Scenes in VVVV as a 3dScene would make it much easier to at least share development for web applications.

Just my thought on how to get parts of the development universal and working on mobil/browser etc

Nice post Bryan…babylon is pretty cool from what I have seen.

maybe vvvvjs can do babylon’s work? somehow in the future? web applications directly through vvvv…Node based.

Not exactly what you are looking for but this might be an non-vvvv alternative https://cables.undev.de/ for crossplatform dev. Plays well on mobile too.

@uvvvve: seems very promising!

“cables is inspired by the desktop tools: tooll and vvvv.” took this from their website…

hasn’t published yet though

@vasilis they are demoscene dudes.

You should be able to play with the beta already?

Not yet…they need to give you access…

I like the inserting nodes option ;)
also the bezier timeline!

interesting tool

Wow they both look very interesting!