Vvvv in WinOnX (Wine)


Well ages ago I got it so far that everything was working except for the DirectX renderer.
Could not get it back to that stage though and it seems there is zero interest from the devvvvs.


Latest wine comes with Direct3D 12 (whatever this means) support. Maybe worth another try?!


Its not an issue with DirectX, something very fundamental is currently broken. DirectX support has been superb for a while thanks to dxvk.


Tried a few days ago with wine 4.0 . Using a 32 bit prefix it is possible to install all external dependencies. VVVV starts as long as the DX11 pack is not “installed”.
The nodebrowser is broken, it doesn’t show any entries and if an invisible entry is selected via arrow keys & enter vvvv throws an exception, no node is created. The DX9 renderer is also broken and throws exceptions. As soon as DX11 is in the packs folder vvvv hangs on startup. Didn’t bother to investigate further.


That is great to hear. Thats at least better than it not starting at all.
Node browser was working fine when I got it working last time.

Installing all the dependencies was actually not an issue for me the past few times I tired, the setup.exe was all happy but it was always stuck at the addonhost part even without any addons/packs installed. I wonder what is different in your setup that made it at least launch.

I think dxvk is not in Wine by default atm so that could potentially fix the DX11 and DX9 issues.


@Timonski there might not be interest from the devvvvs but i am very interested
and i’m pretty sure i’m not the only one.
we should do some fundraising or something, everyone interested should pitch in a few dollars.
pretty sure someone could do it and would do it for the right price.


@soundreactor codeweavers is doing that as a service:
They are the largest maintainer of wine.


Have you tried running gamma under Wine? Might be more promising as there is probably less weird legacy stuff and eventual native Mac/Linux support is on the Roadmap (albeit probably in a not too close future). Eventually there will be Xenko for 3D that might also not have too many issues. Sure you’re giving up all the v4 only nodes.

I don’t think that “everyone interested pitching in a few dollars” would cover the costs unless a very enthusiastic developer is found that will do it in the house. With the codeweavers linked above, you’ll have a hard time covering even just the basic assessment ($4500). And vvvv is not a small software by itself and using is using loads of Windows specific features. Now count in all the addons and plugins, many of which link other windows only libraries and sometimes their source is not even available, how do you go about porting those?

If it’s just little things stopping it from running under Wine, then maybe it would be nice to get those fixed but a full port I see as highly unlikely, I’d see it even less likely that 3ds max would get ported for which I’m sure there would be even more financial support. Really I think vvvv gamma is the only vvvv that has a chance for a proper multi-platform support in the future.

I love vvvv and would love to run it on cheap Raspberries and have friends with Macs that would like to avoid installing Windows but sadly I don’t think that’s going to happen.


Oh absolutely. I don’t think it would be viable if you are really interested in vvvv’s full production power.
I personally lost interest myself and turning to other tools altogether atm.

I’m sure gamma should be quite a bit easier. You might even be able to just run the .exe with mono if there are no dependencies on exclusive windows apis.