VVVV In Win 10

Hi ppl,

i have some problems using vvvv now.

Since i updatet to win10 i had no real time to spend with vvvv.
As i´m preparing a show now i had to realize it crashes after some minutes.
Always. Even with smalll and simply patches.
But i can speed the crash up if i try to directly change values with RMB at the node (or I/O-Box either)

Thus i got problems with choosing nodes from the scrolldown-nodesbar after doubleclicking: I was used to tap in the first 2 or 3 letters and then choose with return. This allowed me a turbo-workflow as the tab was always on the first option. Now it depends on the mouseposition. Slowing down everything because i have to grab the mouse again and choose the right node from the bar.

Hope you can help me in both problems with any hint.

I got the latest version (vvvv and addonpack ; 64bit) on a fresh OS (win10) and loaded all that stuff from the setup.

Hardware is a i7 930 (1366) on a Black Edition Rampage III @2.8ghz 12GB-RAM
VC: GTX 570 amp. (Zotac)

start here

try also this
/logstartup https://vvvv.org/documentation/commandline-parameters

and try patch with renderer TTY open, maybe there is something in console

also check the Setup.exe for any missing dependency…

I remember having had trouble with drivers and such after updating from win8 that didn’t go away until I completely replaced the installation with a fresh installation of win10. So when people upgrade, my current advice is to kind of do it twice, once to activate the updated version so win10 knows the hardware, then again where nothing is saved that made my graphics drivers work nicely again.

@sunep, do you actually mean install OS, activate it, then reinstall/restore OS?

@h99 yes, first time to get the license correctly, second time to get a true clean install.
I struggled with lots of issues for a few months until I was grrrrrrr, stupid machine and then I reinstalled windows without keeping anything from the original system and then all the problems disappeared.

@sunep thank you.

check if you mouse is not broken, i lost many hours of work to this when i had wonky rightclick
your case sound different but shares some things

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