Vvvv in the wild?

Would it be possible to write a patch with vvvv that would help me find the idyllic camping spot in the wilderness? Help me set up my tent, collect firewood, cook sausages over the fire and fall asleep under the stars? Will vvvv run on my smartphone, and can it be powered by solar energy?

If you’re into writing c# plugins, then there are probably some libraries around to support you in all your endeavors. Have been tinkering around with some for a while, but up until now I wasn’t able to successfully compile my fishing rod.

you could do a patch that controls an industrial robot :)

nature is the new apple: pretty overrated, expensive and full of bugs.
dont do it.

dont forget to check FKK shader in contribution

I’d suggest trying to get some Maps API, maybe the Google Maps API https://developers.google.com/maps/?hl=de could work. You’ll need to import that to vvvv, like readme said.

Then you could go for some image recognition - either find something in the imagepack vvvv.packs.image or maybe something like that https://www.microsoft.com/cognitive-services could help.
With that you could go out and find camping spots on the map.

On the rest… you’re gonna need robots!
We did a workshop with vvvv and live robotics, but there remains a lot to be done get them to set up your tent…
Maybe talk to the Boston Dynamics guys, they seem to have some good stuff going on.

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