Vvvv in Ireland

are there any vvvv developers based in ireland?

well not nessecarily in ireland - I need help with a patch I’m making.

If you need help, the forum here is vvvvery helpfull, you can always post specific questions.

I also know there are some users using Skype and/or MSN, and there is an IRC channel (I thought).

Most vvvv users I met/know are very helpfull.

i,m not a developer , not an irish but i,ll be in ireland for 2 months , i,m more or less a newbie but might be able to help , as West said vvvviki is best for help .


I’m looking for someone to help me develop a prroject.
I have some groundwork done but I am a utter newbie to vvvv.
So if anyone is interested please contact me.

please provide and email to contact you or enable your message inbox in your wiki account , cheers

done… no text …