Vvvv hangs when selecting a string IOBox holding a vvvvery long text

Hey there,

When working with some REST APIs, you might receive JSON responses holding some bas64 encoded images.

Usually, I would copy and paste JSON responses in a text editor to inspect them.

But with those very long base64 strings, double-clicking an IOBox to select its text results in vvvv hanging for about two minutes.
After that, it comes back to life but in some sort of half-broken state : scroll wheel to zoom in and out does not seem to work anymore, and pressing CTRL+S to save the patch (before quitting and restarting vvvv) has no effect. Hitting “Save” in the Document Menu works.

Happy to provide more details if needed!


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good one.

i added a safety net there, so that too long strings cannot be edited. you’ll now get an ugly popup instead:



Already great because having it in the clipboard is most likely the intent :-]