Vvvv gamma freeze and crash

I have a problem with vvvv gamma
Sometimes vvvvgamma freezes the screen and then crashes.

I have this problem with some patches of Fuse and OpenCV.
I use vvvvgamma 5.2 and last Fuse (alpha8) and Opencv (2.5.1)
Maybe the problem is a bad installation/remove of vvvv gamma.
When I removed vvvvgamma 5.0, my antivirus blocked the process.
I changed my antivirus and install vvvvgamma 5.2 but maybe that caused a problem.

Can you have a solution to remove all old versions of vvvgamma?

We’ve seen this crash on laptops with intel GPUs / old graphics drivers. So maybe first try to update the drivers and see if that helps.

Thank you Elias, unhappy is not a problem of old graphics driver. The graphic card is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER (computer i 7 9700K CPU @ 3.60GHz) and I have the last driver.

Not a laptop then but desktop? That’s unusual. :/ Does it happen straight away or would you say there is at least some sort of pattern, like resizing a window or hovering pins?

Yes, it’s not a laptop, it’s a deskop.

It’s not regular, sometimes it crashes when everything was fine. Now everything is fine, vvvv gamma is stable.

A new exemple. VVVVgamma crashed this morning when I tried to launch the ‘Process Node’ of The PatchersGuide.
Since yesterday morning, I have not had any problems.

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