Vvvv freezes on startup!

I am using 45beta28.1 , after I tried to run for first time the Boids 3D contribution boids-3d I had this issue -> VVVV freezes on startup. Probably it was wrong to copy the downloaded file and extract it in my contributions/plugin folder. Since I noticed this strange behavior I deleted it, but nothing changed. Seems that my node list still searching for this “missing plugin”, so I removed the contributions folder but nothing changed again, then I removed the whole installation of vvvv and reinstalled it again… Still have problem with that. My log file seems to be clear without any errors, the crack is running as it should expected to do and vvvv freezes…

Please help!!!

PS: vvvv seems to stop on that line : 19:14:35.027 scanning for Externals

nissidis_log_TXT.txt (2.1 kB)

27.2 works fine… but cant get 28.1 to work as well

I didnt find yet any solution for beta28.1 but the new 64bit core of alpha 28.4 works realy great !

strange. nissidis can you also please try with latest alpha-builds?