Vvvv & Eyesweb

I’m trying to capture movements with Eyesweb and send the information to vvvv via my network; I have read the MSBerger page about this and installed the MoCapListIn node.
But, given that I’m newbie with networking, can anybody tell me about the local port (how to choose it?) and if anything else is required to link the 2 programs?

PS: Eyesweb runs on my server and vvvv on my client

Thanx a lot

helo jimcrow,

go to my userpage.
i did recently an update of an old kiilo patch (was not working correct).
works fine on my pc.


Thanx a lot, but the eyesweb patch is a eyw file and, as I use the last version, I can only open eywx files; so it notices a syntax error…

never used the new one … so mayby it’s a good idea to install the old one and see how it works there and port later on everything to the new version.
in the old eyesweb it was not that difficult … only a few nodes … just try it :)


Okay… That’s done! eywb and vvvv communicate perfectly in both direction… But now, how must I connect the OSC decoder encoder to my eywb patch to transmit the data?

I adapted MrBenefit patch for EyesWeb in the latest version of the software. Here it is.

EyesWebOSCDecoderEncoder.eywx (33.7 kB)

Does someone still have the older version - eyw file? I have the older version of Eyesweb installed and thus the eywx file will not work. The link to older file does not seem to work anymore… Could someone help?

it s here UserPageMrBenefit
that s work for me

Thank you sanch for the reply.

I noticed that the problem was that I was logged in as an anonymous user and therefore the attachment download was not working.