VVVV expert help needed :) (DynamicTexture)

Good day!

I’ve achieved a nice effect by blending some geometry with a DynamicTexture helpfile patch(see attached), and am wondering if anyone could advise me why the framerate drops about every 30secs or so (only in fullscreen(?))

Any help much appreciated …

DynamicTexture (EX9.Texture Color) help_MOD_2_BEST_YET_MOD_FROMHERE.v4p (30.8 kB)

Here’s a quick shot of the patch in action!

To rephrase that - the framerate drops to an almost standstill very quickly, and then resumes at 60fps (this is repeated)

why do you use a dynamic texture for that? also be aware of transparency and drawing order (when depth testing is on), because that makes developers’ head aching for years now.

I was going for some distorted kind of effects over geometry, and just experimenting in that way came up with the effect (there’s probably lots of faux pas in there :)

do you mean the transparency of the texture? and I’m not sure what you meant be drawing order. I think I kind of layered the boxes behind the textured plane

Aha, I believe you may have been aluding to this dx9 rendering#depth buffering

Thanks, will have a look

It’s just a shame I can’t get rid of this lag every now and again …

Ah cool - upping the depth buffer appeared to fix it.

Thanks for the pointer microdee :)