Vvvv.exe - Application error (0xc000007b)

Hi guys
I formatted and reinstalled (2 times from yesterday): windows 7, directx, d3dx9_30.dll, slimdx, vvvv (45 b25) say "vvvv.exe - Application error (0xc000007b).
vvvv on the same machine has always worked… SOB!
Dell Xpsm1730 , Core2Duo extreme, 6 gb, 2 nvidia 9800M GT
Danke for the Help

hi glasspiel. please visit us in irc.freenode.net on ##vvvv
we’re working on a new vvvv release and would really like to figure this out as soon as possible.

Thanks Elias
but I tried from 40b21 to 40b25 and nothing ,same error.
I think is not a vvvv problem , but something in Windows 7( with or without update).
2 days ago, before reformatting, all vvvv version…working.
I continue to investigate

thanks Again

what does that mean:

windows 7, directx, d3dx9_30.dll, slimdx, vvvv

have you installed .Net 3.5.1?
have you installed latest directx 9?
btw, you don’t need slimdx for the latest version…

please join the ##vvvv irc channel to investigate. use the freenode webchat if you have no irc client.

try the latest alpha (has better error reporting if it is .net related) with /logstartup cmd arguments and post the log file. you will find the latest alpha in our irc channel.

see also this thread: https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/6738

thanks for the reply guys
in fact was a net 3.5 installation problem

Microsoft know issue

My way:

-Clean windows 7 installation
-Install DirectX 9c
-launch Windows Update, install only the upgrade of .Net framework 3.51 ( 4 in my case )
-Install vvvv

I found these tools to verify and clean all Net framework installed



Thanks again

hi glasspiel, thank you very much for the posted links.

there seems to be a new .NET Framework Repair Tool

So many users don’t have the idea to fix Windows Application Error 0xc000007b. I also found the same error then I did good research and acknowledge the reason and solution to this error. The big reason for this error is the confliction between 32-bit application and 64-bit applications which indirectly compatibility issue.

Method 1: To run the program as administrator: Sometimes due to the non-availability of administrative privileges, we face this error. So, right click on the program and run the program as administrator to make sure the availability of administrative privileges.

Method 2: To Reinstall your application: You can uninstall your application and then reinstall it but make sure during the reinstallation, the antivirus program should be turned off.

Method 3: Update .NET Framework: Control Panel > Programs and Features and click on Turn Windows features on or off > Click on the .NET Framework 3.5 and press OK. Here is the main source https://appuals.com/windows-application-error-0xc000007b/ which you can follow and fix this issue easily.