Vvvv crashing on Parallels 7

Dear vvvv’ers,
I know there are some of you running vvvv on Parallels although it’s not recommended. Anyway, after months of using v4 on Bootcamp and buying a new macbook, I tried to switch to Parallels as well.

But I just don’t get vvvv running. I always receive this notification:

I use: Parallels Desktop for Mac v7.0.14920, with a legal copy of WinXP (also tried win7), all available updates installed.

I tried various releases of vvvv, the screenshot was taken with vvvv_45beta26, inkl. the addons.

the preferences for parallels were set with 3D acceleration activated and using 512MB memory.

Thanks for your help in advance,

did crack.exe execute properly?

yep, it did. all the lamps are green.

hmm strange.

at least I can tell you that it is running in Parallels on my computer. did you already try to lower the videomemory … might be some potential error source?! maybe the devs can tell you more.

good luck

thanks Andreas, I tried it, but also it still doesn’t work.

In the meantime I figured out what’s wrong. It has to do with the .NET Framework and it’s permission/security management. Ususally, you can run the file “Mscorcfg.msc” to change the permissions .NET is granting towards the engine, etc. (i have no clue about the wording, since i googled me into the depth of this problem last night).

But when I start this file, it has none attached to. It lacks the whole permission process.

So I reinstalled .NET again and again. But still, the rights don’t appear.Also, the .NET Configuration wizard tool doesn’t appear in my control panel where you can usually set the rights.

Well, maybe I’m already quite close to the solution :)
cheers, katharina

helo doretta,

never heard of .net permission/security management but have you tried the tools linked here: https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/6744 ?

So, a week later I finally got it running.

The latest setup is: launching a Win7 Bootcamp partition on Parallels. But still, the problem above remained.

I used to have the vvvv-folder with other files on my mac and chose direct start (thanks to the shared files option).
Now, I just dragged the vvvv folder on the win7 desktop, launched vvvv and it’s running. So, now it’s fully integrated w/win.

Does this sound logical? Anyway: Thanks a lot for your help.

great ;)

welcome back and have fun.