VVVV crashes with DX11 Text Style


have anyone of you ever experience crashes while using the dx11 text advance and textstyle color nodes? At the moment vvvv crashes every time i open a patch with dx11 text nodes and color style. If you start the attached patch directly with vvvv it crashes, if you load the patch in a already opened vvvv you have 2 or 3 seconds before it will crash. Has anyone a fix for this bug?


Color (DirectWrite Styles) help.v4p (10.1 KB)

yes same here. latest berta

Tracked here :

Some temporary fix here :

(temp fix seems to have a very small memory leak (few bytes), which I can’t reproduce for the moment); this is why it’s temporary, in most cases it should have no impact (still will look to have it fixed as well)


stumbled into the same problem yesterday and I was wondering, if there is any progress concerning the memory leak.
I want to use the text style in a patch running all day for four days (trade show that is) and I was wondering if this would be okay or leading to problems. A restart at the end of each show day should be fine if that would be enough.

Concering installing the fix: Do I only need to replace the core libraries or the full packs folder?

Best, C

Actually I got red nodes and vvvv crashing/not starting either by replacing the core libraries or the whole packs-content. Any idea?

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