Vvvv crashes on closing

i got this message in a win:
Exception EInvalidPointer in Modul vvvv.exe bei000046C1.
Ungultige Zeigeroperation.

after that:
Runtime error at 004048fa. this comes in two or more windows. last time i had 200 of them (windows).

it happens only when i run patch for a long time(one hour or so), cant figure out what it might be. i dont use shaders in this one.

also it does’nt render in full screen when i use deepColor.fx i have only gray screen and same error message.

i’ve found somewhere on forum(bugs) that this might be the reason of disabled acceleration on gpu. well i have omega drivers and simply dont see where i could enable/disable this option.

i work on:
win xp via bootcamp
ati radeon x1600 (omega drivers)


i’ve seen the same lots of times. I’m running windows XP. Not sure the message is exactly the same but similar and two or more windows is defiantly the case. I’ve seen maybe 50 appear once.

Never caused me a problem thought.

having these too, mostly, when i kill v4 with rightclick close in the taskbar. closing it normally doesn’t cause it.
strange enough it only happens on some pcs, win setup is the same on them though

ok, i’ve found where to enable/disable acceleration, it was enabled but deepColor.fx still not working in full screen. i’m on osx now and will see tty message when i try patch…


I have the same problem since a few months… sometimes the message says EInvalidPrivilege or EAccessViolation, I made many research but never found any solution

using XP
Geforce 8800GT
MoBo Asus P5K SE
dualcore 2.7GHz
4Gb gskill RAM

the deepColor.fx is most likely a bootcamp/ati driver issue.

the crashes on close…i’ve seen them too. those are not a nice goodbye of a software. but i’d like to ask you to consider those being part of the still betaness of vvvv.

i’d assume the random crashes have something to do with special nodes used in a patch, that don’t finalize correctly. so if you are really concerned by the errors you may help us fixing them by finding a case to reproduce and posting it here.

Mmmhh… sounds interesting joreg. I will try to post a patch linked to this problem and I’ve got to say that since I got back to beta14, those crashes disappeared ALMOST completely (and I don’t encounter error messages anymore)

ouright, then also the Change Log may help you identify bugging nodes…

Thanks joreg, didn’t think about that! But is there a risk that the problem comes from vvvv architecture or is this only a matter of node? I’m thinking about testing each version from 14 to 17 to verify that.

right. could be an architecture change or only a node change…really hard to guess. but as soon as you have a reliably crashing case we should be able to get an idea…