VVVV crashes from preview (DX11.texture) node

Hi all,

I have the situation that vvvv crashes when i try to delete a preview DX.11 texture node, as well when i try to click it within the node browser.

i think at some point eaqrlier i tried to delete it, and it didn’t disappear. could it be that it’s half there, half not, for example only the visual representation of the node’s still there or something?

Is there a way to fix this?



is the preview node “InABox”/Alt+2 ?

you should maybe upload a testpatch that has this exact behaviour if you wan smb. to have a look at it.


yes it is inabox.

i just noticed that if i want to close the patch, vvvv crashes as well.
saving works though.

thanks + best

it seems it has to do showing/hiding/inabox of windows…
same problem appeared with a subpatch that i had in the patch.

ah i always had this Error with boxed dx11-pack windows.
but I usually don’t box windows…

same situation here from ages

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