Vvvv camera to Maya

Has anyone got experience of this?

I’m working with a maya artist - they need to know how to set up 4 maya cameras, each one looking at a different wall of a room from a certain point in the room.

I can do this easily in v4 using perspective look at rect or other techniques, but there is no direct way to use the resulting VP matrix in Maya. Maya is expecting trad camera & lens parameters like focal length.

Has anyone done this before?

Yea maya quite nice using python scripts to get stuff u need inside. I use quite often script to get points from vvvv inside maya
For focal to fov I’m sure u can find on google however u can expect to have exactly fov to focal formula

i understand you’re not going maya->vvvv? because that should be possible via Camera (Transform Collada)?!

content is maya > v4

This problem is about helping the maya guys configure their cameras correctly for export > 1x perspective view per wall/floor

I think actually it might be possible to set the fov directly in maya (rather than focal length and blahhhhh)

if anyone knows Maya, I’m still interested in the best way to do this, and in particular if it’s possible to recreate something akin to lens shift (which would mean having different FOV for top/bottom/left/right

or just import the matrices :)

the answer is python but i have no clue about it…

I’d start there, its doing c4d camera to v4, you should be able to use the same maths…
Or export via cinema 4d if you have access to it…

a tricky part (that I didnt know about even I am using for a long time maya) is that the camera aperture is being measured in inches. So it is just an implementation of a formula 2artan(x/(2f)), where x is the diagonal of the film and f is the Focal Length.
Here is a very common and easy to find place and start with :

You may check also the attached file f2FOV, it might help you.

I cant see why you have to mess with python in maya, you can avoid it and do all the math in vvvv. Then you may provide the numbers you want to the rest of your team :)


f2FOV.v4p (15.1 kB)

Thanks for the info

I was actually trying to go in the other direction - use v4 to simulate & output correct values to configure a series of Maya cameras for export.

We ended up just doing it manually in maya, and thankfully haven’t needed to test loads of different camera positions

cool glad to hear that everything worked fine (manually sometimes is the best way to go)