Vvvv blocking windows 7 shutdown


Start vvvv.exe with or without /shutup, with or without patch. Press power button on your windows 7 PC. vvvv blocks shutdown.

try a Self (VVVV) with Query save set to false. may help

thanks sebl but not a fix

I’m not sure its a problem specific to vvvv. Especially if you have a fast computer, this can happen a lot, especially with a fast HDD as per my observations.

On my Macbook Pro, this happens all the time when running Win7 and it shows not only vvvv, but pretty much all other programs too, which i then have to “force close”. It has a very fast flash-based drive.

On the iMac, which has a slower normal HDD, this doesnt happen so much, but still happens sometimes.

I would therefore think that it is not a vvvv bug, but a windows bug, which shouldn’t be very surprising. It’s like its trying to shutdown before all necessary processes have had time to end.

I had never seen it before, but since using win7 on my macbook pro I have. I dont really understand the logic of the “force close” dialogue, as in my understanding thats what shutting down the computer is. Canceling the shutdown should only happen for programs with unsaved progress, which is never the case of the stuff in the “force close” dialogue.

If you are talking about the popup dialog that Windoze can’t shut down because it’s still waiting for vvvv to close, there are some registry mods you can make to bypass that prompt. I use this reg patch:


And it does the trick. Note: You should NOT use this when there are other apps running on that system, as they will not have much time to do housecleaning. But when just running vvvv, it works great if you’re not doing a lot of disk writing that needs to stay coherent (log files get flushed fine for me though).

I do think this is a vvvv bug, as what is happening is that vvvv is not responding to the shutdown message from Windoze, hence the force shutdown prompt. There should at least be some node that would allow you to catch the shutdown message, then do your own teardown and exit. for that matter, how can you exit vvvv from a patch??

mediadog! that’s sorted it thanks. I did try a few reg tweaks to fix but didn’t come across this one.

It def is a bug. It’s come up before and been fixed but seems to have made a come back.

You can quit vvvv from a patch using the DoQuit node.

thanks again.

thanks seltzdesign.

indeed an upgrade of a third party library reintroduced this one. thx for reporting, should be fixed in next alpha.

It looks like this is still happening. 45beta34.2 x86 on Win7x64. I can’t shutdown the computer with it’s power button because vvvv doesn’t quit.

EDIT: Forget it. The self / query save node fixed it.