[vvvv] BezierEditorView DX11 NullRefException

  1. Open BezierEditorView help patch
  2. Create TTY Renderer
  3. Create at least two points
  4. Select at least two points (Ctrl+A or draw selection)
  5. Watch TTY go bonkers, that orange center-gizmo is missing and seems to be the culprit

DX9 works.
b35.8 x64 + latest dx11

Hi readme,

thank you! Yes, I guess it’s the same problem pointed by @lasal during the NODE17. It relates to the new DX11 behavior which doesn’t like to have NIL for the Quad or the Group. mr.Vux already seen this as well. I’ll fix the dx11 view and mr.vux will fix the behavior.


as a side note this had been fixed in latest git, as per commit:

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