VVVV.Audio Discussion

No, I need an instant clear, time is critical for this installation…

Also… how would I tell the bufferwriter where to write from? for now if I want it to start writing from the 0 I temporary change its ID… but there must be a better way!


that should be an option on the Create or Write buffer indeed.

it is missing an index overwrite, or something… i am afraid the buffer nodes are quite experimental and don’t have that much features. but they should be easy to add.

how time critical is your installation? not sure when i will have time for vaudio in the next weeks. or do you have a c# coder at hand?

I wish//// I really think that should be a human right, water, shelter, medical assistance and a c# coder…
we are in development time of the the installation, it needs to be finished by mid april///