Vvvv as a windows service


I’ve made an only logical patch which does’nt need to be more changed. I use a gamepad for change values and result is sending cross the network. It will be cool if vvvv could be invisible like a service. What do you think about that?


yes that would be cool. in the mean time it´s possible to lock all patches and hide them as well. so you´d just have the vvvv item in the taskbar.

i´d need to check what is needed to run vvvv technically as a windows-service, but i think a node for controlling the appearance of vvvv in the taskbar deserve a a place on our wishlist.

with the “vvvv (vvvv)” node, you can remove vvvv from the taskbar and/or show the symbol only in the system tray next to the clock.

thank you ampop!!
using vvvv for one year and I learn again a lot of thing.

Never use this node because I wasn’t able to select it in the list.
Just writing vvvv instead of the name of another node and vvvv(vvvv) node appear…

not being able to select nodes which have the same name as their respective categories is still a bug. and great to see that i still miss some of the features